Projects I've Worked On

Here are every project that I've worked for in the past

Frontend Indonesia

Aug 2020

Frontend Indonesia is community of Indonesians Front-End developer. Imagine "Reactiflux but for Indonesian speaking community".

It is a framework agnostic community, meaning that it is a "melting pot" of many Indonesian Front-end community. We are targeting so that everyone have a space to talk about anything, from beginners to seniors, from developer to recruiter, from legacy to modern.

Come and join the community!

Kawal COVID-19

Mar 2020

Kawal COVID-19 is an Indonesian community initiative to serve accurate and factual data about COVID-19

As the country started lockdown because of COVID-19, I've joined the KawalCOVID19 team to help manage and publish their content. In addition, I did some help on pushing new features on their website.

Lyrics Finder

Jan 2019

Search the lyrics to your music with Lyrics Finder!

Lyrics Finder is a Discord bot that's pretty self explanatory — searches the lyrics to your currently playing Spotify music. It works by using the Genius API and scraping it manually as there are some caveats on their API (they don't give out lyrics).