About Me

Hi, I'm Christopher Angelo - A full-stack web developer based in Bekasi, Indonesia; Currently studying for my bachelors degree in IT at Binus University while doing remote web dev work on a Canadian startup.

I've self taught myself to code out of curiosity when I was 13 years old (HTML and CSS). I then ventured out to learn backend stuff and built Lyrics Finder, a Discord bot that scrapes lyrics from the Internet. It surprisingly went popular due to the already existing music bots did not have a reliable lyrics searching function. After understanding backend, I continued my journey to learn new languages, contribute to open source projects, participating in community moderation and ultimately, creating my own things.

I joined KawalCOVID-19, a volunteer effort to serve accurate and reliable information about the COVID-19 pandemic in Indonesia, and helped their content team to manage and communicate with our developers. I am also a co-founder of Frontend Indonesia, an Indonesian community of frontend developers which attempts to unify the separated and clustered Indonesian community into a one big community.

I want to learn everything that's connected to technology. To this day, I'm still learning a lot of things daily while balancing between university and work.

You can find my CV at cv.angelo.fyi


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What I've been listening

Wondering what's my music taste like? Here's my top 5 played music this week!

Album art for Cabinet Man by Lemon Demon
Album art for Touch-Tone Telephone by Lemon Demon
Album art for A CYBER'S WORLD? by Toby Fox
Album art for A Simple Diversion by Toby Fox
Album art for Cyber Battle (Solo) by Toby Fox