About Me

Hi, I'm Christopher Angelo - A full-stack web developer based in Bekasi, Indonesia; Currently studying for my bachelors degree in IT at Binus University while doing remote web dev work on a Canadian startup.

I've self taught myself to code out of curiosity when I was 13 years old (HTML and CSS). I then ventured out to learn backend stuff and built Lyrics Finder, a Discord bot that scrapes lyrics from the Internet. It surprisingly went popular due to the already existing music bots did not have a reliable lyrics searching function. After understanding backend, I continued my journey to learn new languages, contribute to open source projects, participating in community moderation and ultimately, creating my own things.

I joined KawalCOVID-19, a volunteer effort to serve accurate and reliable information about the COVID-19 pandemic in Indonesia, and helped their content team to manage and communicate with our developers. I am also a co-founder of Frontend Indonesia, an Indonesian community of frontend developers which attempts to unify the separated and clustered Indonesian community into a one big community.

I want to learn everything that's connected to technology. To this day, I'm still learning a lot of things daily while balancing between university and work.

You can find my CV at cv.angelo.fyi


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What I've been listening

Wondering what's my music taste like? Here's my top 5 played music this week!

Album art for Bad Luck by Khalid
Album art for Dancing with my phone by Hybs
Album art for Wave of You by Surfaces
Wave of You


Album art for Let Me by Zayn
Album art for Mirror Temple by 2 Mello